Alexandra Haché

Cyberfeminist, enthusiast for free, sustainable and emancipatory technologies
Alexandra Haché is a cyberfeminist, enthusiast for free, sustainable and emancipatory technologies. She is the editor of two volumes on the landscape of sovereignty initiatives. She organises speculative fiction workshops and participates in a feminist server. Co-founder of the Donestech collective, which explores the relationship between gender and technologies, developing action research, documentaries and training. She has coordinated an international network called the Gender and Technology Institutes, which has developed training and content on gender in privacy and digital security. She is currently working with rapid response networks on holistic security issues for human rights defenders and participates as an expert in the feminist helpline against gender-based online violence
Feminist and decolonial infrastructure: supporting what sustains us
By feminist and decolonial infrastructure we mean the set of resources that support and strengthen the development and advancement of feminist and decolonial struggles. By resources we mean analogue, digital and social techniques, technologies and processes. A feminist and decolonial infrastructure enables the systematisation, maintenance and circulation of good ideas, practices and care. Sorority networks are an example of feminist infrastructure and represent one of our earliest feminist technologies, perhaps one of the oldest and most widespread. In this talk we will look at the different layers that make up feminist and decolonial infrastructure, focusing in particular on initiatives that shape and enable technologies of relationships, information, communication, documentation and memory, the creation of stories and narratives. We will present different projects, highlighting some of their challenges and their potential for shaping safer and more sustainable ICTs and creating healthier digital rights organisations.