• SICT 2022

      ABSTRACT 2022 

    SICT2022 aimed at gathering researchers with different backgrounds to collaborate and rethink the road ahead for ICT and the way we research and develop digital technologies for a sustainable tomorrow. In this mindset, we questioned which steps to take towards a post-growth world, tackling both short- and long-term challenges. We brought our different backgrounds together to describe, question, envision and outline new approaches to research and develop ICT that ensure our future within planetary boundaries.
  • SICT 2021

    SICT2021 aimed to bridge the gap between research in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and the overarching and inter-related social, environmental, and economic questions of our time. This second edition of this doctoral summer school critically looked at the current state of ICT, challenged its mainstream research agenda and underlying assumptions, and discussed the role(s) ICT researchers can play to build a sustainable and desirable future in a finite world.

  • SICT 2020

    SICT2020 mostly focused on the socio-environmental impacts of ICT production steps, e.g., raw materials extraction and electronics manufacturing. You can check the 2020 speakers and talk abstracts here. Most of the slides are also available for download in the "Talk" section of each speaker page.