Catherine Lyall

Professor of Science Technology and Innovation Studies, University of Edinburgh
Catherine Lyall is Professor of Science and Public Policy at the University of Edinburgh where, despite a first degree in chemistry, she holds a position in the School of Social and Political Science.  Her career at Edinburgh has progressed from part-time Research Officer to Personal Chair via numerous research contracts within grant-funded research centres and a period as Associate Dean for Research Careers.  She is an experienced science policy researcher and evaluator of knowledge exchange and interdisciplinary research. Her recent book Being an Interdisciplinary Academic.  How Institutions Shape University Careers highlights the enduring challenges faced by researchers attempting to embed interdisciplinarity in their own career trajectory. 
Talk: Pathways to interdisciplinary integration: the SHAPE-ID Toolkit
This talk is designed to provide practical lessons for graduate students embarking on interdisciplinary projects, those who plan to undertake such research in the future and those considering their next steps in a research career. It will draw on the The SHAPE-ID Toolkit which provides tools and resources to improve collaboration across disciplines and between different sectors. Professor Lyall will introduce some of the key issues for conducting interdisciplinary research and developing a career as an interdisciplinary researcher and highlight some of the resources available from the toolkit. Participants are encouraged to have a brief browse of the toolkit in advance of this talk.

 Watch the talk here !