Corinne Cath

Anthropologist of internet governance at the University of Delft
Corinne Cath is an anthropologist of internet governance. She is a post-doc at the University of Delft, where she works with Prof. Dr Seda Gurses on the politics of cloud computing and programmable infrastructures. She is also a fellow at the critical infrastructure lab at the University of Amsterdam.
Loud Men, Speaking Loudly - Can environmental activists participate in Internet governance?
In this talk Corinne Cath will introduce the findings from their recent report, Loud Men Talking Loudly: On the Exclusionary Cultures of Internet Governance,”. Corinne, a fellow at the University of Amsterdam’s Critical Infrastructure Lab, looks at how working practices and shared norms in internet governance organizations limit diverse participation and openness. Taking as a case study the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), one of the oldest internet governance organizations in the field, Corinne will outlines some of the ways in which these ostensibly open organizations make it difficult to address the environmental implications of technology, as these spaces tend to depoliticize highly technical decisions, thereby reinforcing the status quo.