Frédéric Descamps

Data Center Operations Site Manager
Frédéric Descamps is currently Data Center Operations Site Manager at Google, site lead for the Saint-Ghislain data center campus. Our Saint-Ghislain campus was the first Google-owned data center outside of the United States, launching operations in 2010 and continuously growing ever since. Frédéric is in charge of all industrial facilities operations on site (power, cooling, back-up generators, etc.). Prior to Google, Frédéric had been working at Dayco SACIC, in Ghlin, for 14 years. Frédéric graduated from ISMs after a Master in electricity.
Talk: Sustainability @ Google
Google reached carbon neutrality in 2007. A decade later, with new tools at our disposal, we took another leap forward by becoming the first major company to match 100% of our annual electricity consumption with renewable sources. Today, Google is the world’s largest corporate purchaser of clean energy. And now, building on what we’ve learned and helped create, we are embarking on the final and most ambitious phase of our energy journey: by 2030, Google intends to run on carbon-free energy everywhere, at all times. This presentation will focus on what those commitments mean for Google data centers and present some of our strategies and initiatives to continue improving our power usage efficiency and be even more sustainable tomorrow.

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