Jay Chen

Senior Researcher International Computer Science Institute
Jay Chen is a Senior Researcher at ICSI who spent over 15 years designing and deploying ICTs in a variety of development contexts, from urban slums to rural areas -- working with individuals, development organizations, and other stakeholders. He is a co-organizer of the LIMITS workshop, which concerns the role of computing in the face of real-world limits that are seldom discussed in contemporary computing research.
Talk: Computing, Limits, and Society
Technologists are often seen as inventing the future. However, a great deal of our efforts focus on one particular type of future, one very much like the present, only more so. This vision of the future assumes that current trajectories of ever-increasing production and consumption will continue. But humanity collectively faces new global conditions that warrant our attention; we are rapidly approaching, or have already exceeded, a variety of planet-scale limits related to the global climate system, fossil fuels, raw materials, and biocapacity. Many believe that we can solve these problems if we pool our creative resources. In this talk, I’ll explore the hidden assumptions about the future that are embedded in most computing research and what work should be done to respond to challenges that global society faces.