Léa Di Cioccio

Léa Di Cioccio is Director of Research at CEA-Leti, currently in charge of the CEA-Leti-Eco innovation program
Léa Di Cioccio is Director of Research at CEA-Leti. She is currently in charge of the CEA-Leti-Eco innovation program. Since 1990, when she joined the organization, she has conducted research activities in materials, epitaxy, direct bonding, etc. in the fields of 3D integration and power components in the frame of collaborations with STmicrolectronics, SOITEC and in lots European projects. She is the author of more than 200 publications, 5 book chapters and 40 patents. Concerned by the socio-ecological transitions underway, she is working to introduce these new paradigms into the organization's research methodologies and strategy.  
Panel Debate: Building bridges between societal actors: which role for ICT in a faster transition?
The goal of this panel is to explore the perception of four sectors - namely academia, industry, politics and civil society - on the role of ICT in a faster transition. For this purpose, we gather five speakers with area of expertise in these different sectors. Participants will have the opportunity to challenge their vision, by asking them to position themselves on two commonly envisioned pathways for ICT in the transition: "Green ICT" and "ICT for Green". Concepts existing outside these two boxes will also be explored in the discussion, brought by both participants and speakers. This first part of the debate aims at reflecting on the compatibility – or incompatibility – of visions between the sectors, and the causes behind possible differences.

In a second time, we will explore existing and possible bridges / collaborations between sectors, regarding ICT trajectories. What currently hinders such collaborations, and what are the nature of the identified obstacles? We will try to point out concrete steps to enhance and increase such collaborations. Eventually, we will attempt to sum up the shared values or statements which could be used to build a "common vision" between the different sectors.

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