Pauline Picot

PhD student in the InSyTE laboratory, University of Technology of Troyes
Pauline Picot is a PhD student in the InSyTE laboratory  (Interdisciplinary research on Society-Technology-Environment  interactions) at the University of Technology of Troyes. With a  background in mechanical engineering and philosophy, she attempts in her  PhD to develop an analysis of techniques and  their evolutions through the development of the concept of  "techno-diversity". This approach is motivated by the constraint that  the Anthropocene lays on us and our technologies: succeeding to  understand humans and technological actions as part of terrestrial  dynamics rather than through the inherited dualist thinking of technique  vs. nature, human vs. environment, culture vs. nature, technosphere vs.  biosphere. In that aim, "techno-diversity" - to be understood in  analogy with "biodiversity" - must bring a thinking of techniques as  territorialized, embedded in a natural, social, cultural complex  context.