Raksha Muthukumar

Technologist, organizer, and storyteller
Raksha Muthukumar is a technologist, organizer, and storyteller. She has been a community organizer for over a decade, and has led grassroots movement work in NYC, Toronto, North Carolina, and India. Her advocacy work ranges from tech ethics, to queer feminism, and police abolition. Raksha was a spokesperson and influential founding member of the Alphabet Workers Union, the union for all workers at Google & its affiliates. Raksha continues to work closely with tech workers and fight for a tech industry by the people, and for the people. Raksha currently resides in Brooklyn with her pet rats, Idli & Dosa. Learn more about Raksha's speaking & writing at www.raksha.gay.
Advocating For Ourselves & Others in the Tech Workplace
In this talk, Raksha will share her experiences as a founding member & former union spokesperson of the Alphabet Workers Union. Raksha will be covering current labor organizing issues in the American tech labor movement, with her perspectives on the recent successes and struggles of this relatively new and growing movement. This talk will broadly address how we can utilize coalition building and grassroots power to shape the future of technology, and specifically how tech workers can begin to think about our ethical responsibilities through building democratic workplaces with their coworkers.