Tom Greenwood

Co-founder Wholegrain Digital
Author of the book “Sustainable Web Design”
Tom is the co-founder of the London agency Wholegrain Digital, a Certified B Corp, and a specialist in web performance and sustainability. Tom created the first online guide to sustainable product design in 2004 and is known for writing and speaking about how business, design, and web technology can be part of the solution to environmental issues.

He was the lead author of the Sustainable Web Manifesto, edits the monthly green web newsletter, Curiously Green, and is author of the book, Sustainable Web Design.

Twitter: @eatwholegrain
Email: tom [at]
Talk: Web Design for People and Planet
The internet has huge potential to move us towards a sustainable future through dematerialising products and streamlining industries. Despite its many benefits though, it is not perfect. The storage, processing and transmission of data consumes electricity and that has an impact on the environment. Furthermore, the internet can be an accelerant of consumption and disconnect us from our place in nature. The web may appear clean on the surface, but it has a real impact on the natural environment and this impact is growing.

The good news is that there are simple things that we can do about it, and contrary to what some may think, a green website can actually be a better website for everyone. Approaching web projects through the lens of sustainability can have benefits not just for the environment, but also in terms of improved SEO, accessibility, user experience, mental health and even cost savings.

We’ll look at some practical steps to green the web and the benefits that they bring to us as humans.

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