Aurélien Déragne

Web Developer and animator of "La Fresque du Climat"
Aurélien Déragne spent 20 years in the automotive industry as engineer. In 2006 he created Centrale-Energies on the theme of the energy transition and he met Cédric Ringenbach, future creator of "La Fresque Du Climat". In 2019, he left the large group in which he worked to become Web Developer and animator of "La Fresque Du Climat".
Workshop: "La fresque du numérique"
La Fresque du Numérique is a fun and collaborative 3-hour workshop with a pedagogy similar to that of "La Fresque du Climat". The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness among former participants of the challenges of ecology in the digital world.

The workshop also aims to explain the main lines of solutions for a sustainable digital, then to open discussions between the participants on the subject.

A real team building tool, this workshop allows participants to come together to learn together about sustainable digital technology.