Eric Pirard

Geological engineer and professor at the University of Liège
Eric Pirard is a geological engineer and professor at the University of Liège. He is the academic coordinator of the European Master in Resources Engineering programme (EMerald) which offers an engineering diploma specializing in the evaluation and beneficiation of both primary and secondary mineral resources. This programme benefits from the EIT-label delivered by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). He leads a research team of around 30 engineers who develop new technologies for the characterisation, sorting and extraction of metals from complex and low-grade raw materials. In addition to several European projects his team is heavily involved in the Walloon Reverse Metallurgy initiative. Professor Pirard is a visiting professor at the Universities of Lorraine, Madrid and Lubumbashi. He regularly speaks in the media and at conferences for the general public on issues relating to critical metals and the circular economy.
Workshop feedback
Eric Pirard will share his knowledge by giving feedback and critical opinion on workshop conclusions from a geologist point of view.