Johan Yans

Full professor of Geology at UNamur (Belgium)
Johan Yans received a M.S. degree in Geological Sciences at the University of Brussels in 1995, another M.S. degree in Engineering Geology at the University of Mons. He is currently full professor of Geology at UNamur (Belgium). His research interests includes the characterization of supergene ore deposits, including the petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry of ores associated to weathering processes, around the world. His research also focuses on various aspects in relation with the finite geological resources, including economic, environmental, ethical, social, technological, societal, philosophical, geopolitical issues…, promoting scientific collaborations with mining companies and local populations/administrations.
Mining/extraction of mineral resources (for ICT) logically involves geological, technological and engineering concerns. However, it also deals with numerous other essential aspects, although less discussed by medias/citizen/experts, such as economy (“circular economy”), sociology (“social acceptability” or “perception of mining by the citizen”), ethics (“artisanal mining”), geopolitics (“strategic/critical commodities”, “national strategies”), environment (“waste”, “post-mining”), teaching (including popularization), land management (zones dedicated to extraction), philosophy (“needs” of ICT for Humans), history (current impacts of former supplies), law (how to legislate/regulate?)… With his experience in many various countries/projects, J. Yans will expose/discuss some of these aspects, exploring the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) syndrome applied to mining industry. The supply of geological resources for ICT clearly requires a multi-disciplinary, holistic approach based on robust mono-disciplinary knowledges.