Lorenzo Glorie

Senior Recycling Coordinator at Recupel
Lorenzo Glorie is Senior Recycling Coordinator at Recupel (major company collecting, reusing and recycling e-appliances in Belgium). His tasks include the coordination of recycling of waste of electrical and electronical equipment (WEEE) by external contractors, and the annual reporting of recycling results to the regional governments. In a previous position, he organized the sampling of WEEE and the auditing of partners in the collection network of Recupel.
Recupel vzw organizes the collection and processing of discarded electro-appliances in Belgium. Each manufacturer that brings an electro-appliance onto the Belgian market is legally in charge of the collection and recycling of the discarded appliances. In response to the so-called take-back obligation, manufacturers and importers have set up an collection and processing system for discarded electr(on)ic appliances. Recupel is the association that takes care of this durable and cost-efficient system, from financing to execution to awareness. And this in close collaboration with merchants, communes, re-use shops, regional governments, recyclers and intercommunals. Recupel makes recipients for collection available, and transports these to transfer stations. Discarded appliances tagged as reusable can be selected for reuse. According to the type of equipment, WEEE is transported to different recycling facilities. Market quantities and recycling results are consolidated on regional and national level and reported to the regional governments on an annual basis.