Philippe de Leener

Professor of Political Economy at UCLouvain
Philippe de Leener is professor of political economy at the catholic University of Louvain (UCLouvain). With a multifaceted profile, he trained as an agricultural engineer, holds a doctorate in psychology and is also a professor of African political economy at UCLouvain. He is president of Inter-Mondes Belgium, an association specializing in supporting the transformation process of contemporary societies, and co-president of a Belgian federation of social economy enterprises (SAW-B).
Behind every innovation, you will find a hidden, invisible, unspoken, unthought-out, repressed, dirty world. This means that every innovator is always a potential accomplice in deeply society-damaging maneuvers. This is why, before being involved in an innovative technological process, certain crucial questions must be raised and resolved when managing the technological innovation process. In this brief presentation, the focus will be on some issues too often neglected in the political economy of technological innovation processes.